4 Sales Lessons You Can Learn From Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Every spring, thousands of Girl Scouts across the country transform into “cookie professionals” to help sell boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and raise money to help fund troop initiatives as well as benefit the community. For many scouts, this is probably the first real job they’ve ever had. And while selling cookies is a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of responsibility. Brand new Girl Scouts may need some extra customer service assistance when it comes to making a final sale – here are my tried and true sales tips for how to make a mint off of a box of Thin Mints!

Know everything about the cookies before you start selling.

Are there nuts in certain cookie types? Any gluten-free varieties available? A savvy salesperson knows everything about the product they’re about to sell before they start and Girl Scouts should study up on the kind of cookie varieties they’re offering to the customer and the differences between them.

Remember that there’s no “I” in “team.”

You’ll probably be selling cookies alongside other members of your troop so avoid snowballing all over everyone else and taking every sale for yourself. The team should be involved in all aspects of the decision making process, from how long each girl will manage the cookie stand to who will track the order records. Plus, the team that works together does get noticed by customers for how well they communicate – we’re all more likely to buy cookies from the booth that isn’t arguing over whose turn it is to sell today.


A confident salesperson, who knows the product inside and out, is ready to answer any questions, and has a genuine enthusiasm for what they’re doing is more likely to make the sale than someone who didn’t prep beforehand. When talking to potential customers, speak clearly, make eye contact, and make sure it’s easy to understand what it is you’re selling right away.

Build up a rapport.

If you opt to sell at a specific location, and it turns out to be a success, chances are high that you’ll probably return to the same neighborhood the next year to sell cookies there again. So build up relationships with the local customers you meet and work on maintaining them as time goes by – you may see them return in the next year!


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