4 Simple Steps for Being Gentle with Our Thoughts and Ourselves

bathing baby (#2)
Image by DanielJames via Flickr

Learning to love ourselves is an ongoing, life journey,one I intend
on writing much about. But it can start this moment. And it can
continue thought by thought.

One of the surest ways to love ourselves is in coming to see we can
manage what we think, our thoughts, in gentle, tender ways, like
bathing an infant. :)

Here are a few simple dimple steps that enable us to do that:

1) Care for our thoughts: From the moment we awake to the
moment we rest, thought is ever active. Vital then is to nurture its
focus and steer it in directions that support us. What helps me much is
caring for my thoughts as I would an infant or my pupp-alove. I
mentally dive into my thoughts and see what's dancin around in there
and gather them and steer them gently in the direction they need to be
going. Gentle is key. Tender is vital.

2) Practice regular meditation: Whether we're already
meditating or whether we are new to it, developing a regular meditation
practice helps us begin to actively care for our thoughts. This allows
us to be more and more aware of what is going on in thought and more,
helps us to set the agenda for thought to focus on.

Meditation can be simple -- just a few moments throughout the day,
or can be longer, and can be several times a day.  Making a regular
practice of meditating allows us to calmly and thoughtfully intend our
day and carry out or fullfil those intentions.

My favorite time to do this is right upon awaking and I actually
find my favorite spot on the floor and hug my knees to my chest. But
I've also meditated while I'm walking, on hold on the phone, or even
while I'm driving and doing errands. It's a thoughtful, focused time
when we remind ourselves of the Divine Mind's control of the universe
and of every detail of our lives and remind ourselves of our intentions.

3) Evolve order: We all like order. It helps us stay
organized. (imagine that!) It helps eliminate the angst that surfaces
when we can't find something. It helps us rinse the contacts with
saline and NOT the disinfectant (ouch!) or know where is the
puppa-love's leash, the keys, the phone, the phone's charger, and of
course the laptop's power chord. :) In fact, the more order we create,
the less we ever have to have those mini panic 'where did I leave the dang ______(fill in the blank)'
moments. And the less we'll fall into that blame game self critical
trap. This one's simple: ordering the 'stuff' of our lives treats us
gently in the long run.

4) Devote moments to maintaining a schedule that is right for us:
A good friend used to say to me "I'm gonna start telling you a time
that's really 1/2 hour earlier than I want to meet because then I know
you'll be on time." This friend meant well. He was helping me realize
that I was striving to fit too much into the moments surrounding our
meet up and consistently late for him. (And I might add I've been
consistently late for a lot of people).

One of the most gentle loving things we can do for ourselves is
maintain a schedule we can breathe with. Life gets busy. Stuff happens.
Spontaneous good occurs. Maintaining a simple, good for us schedule,
simply allows us to be prepared for the unexpected and on time for the
expected. Again, none of us like that pressured feelin' we get when
we're rushing around. Devoting our moments to an intended schedule
really helps lessen the flurrying. Sticking with a few gentle routines
throughout our day really helps treating our thoughts more tenderly in
the long run.

Surely there's loads more simpe steps we can all do to be gentle with our now moments.

What works for you? How are you practicing being more tender with yourself throughout your day?

Thanks muchly for bein' here and sharin'....hugs til the next post. :)


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