4 things that infuriate your friends that work in wellness

This post was prompted by an unintentionally hilarious conversation I had with a friend who is an RD. We shared a telephone rant about the actions of the people in our lives who consistently forget that we went to school specifically to learn how to help them. Here are some specifics that really get our goat.

  1. You ask about nutrition and then refer to a fad diet for results To quote my friend “There’s no pill, fad, gum or drink that will make you skinny!!! It’s not low carb, low fat. it’s JUST. DISCIPLINE.That’s it!! I say, oh ye of little faith in what we do. Would you get a book on appendectomies if yours hurt OR would you go to your friend who is a Doctor? We collectively shake our heads at you.
  2. You still smoke. Yes, it’s tough. We wish you’d never started but with all that we know the discomfort of quitting doesn’t come close to the risks of not quitting. Get on that.
  3. You still think you have your 25 year old body. Sure, you might look good from the outside but even we can’t get away with sneaking pizza, not exercising and binge drinking regularly. How long do you think YOU have? Read On



Stay Fabulous,

Stacey Grant