4 Traits Great Bosses Have

When the opportunity arises that you get the chance to be your own boss, or the boss to several other people, everyone who accepts the challenge wants to be the very best boss that they can be. Often this comes from the experience of working under a manager who was less than understanding to the needs of the staff. Once that experience has occurred, the only thought that most people have tends to be, “I will never be that kind of boss if I’m the boss one day!”

 What does it take to becoming a leader who inspires others, drives them to give it their all, and stays down to earth and gracious at the same time? For those about to put on the leadership hat, take these four characteristics to heart to lead your team with.

1) Great organization skills

Whether you organize by an Outlook calendar, a to-do list, Post-It notes, or an editorial calendar, organization is key to staying on top of what the team is up to and following up with those both inside and outside of the company.

2) Respect for everyone

From the senior executive to a fresh-faced intern, everyone has to make their start somewhere and it’s important to treat each member of the company with respect and consideration.

3) Kindness

Your actions will always speak louder than your words, but in the end both should be done with the very best intentions in mind. Think before you speak and act and always keep in mind the needs of others on your team just as much as you would your own.

4) Motivation – let’s go team!

Leaders seldom sit around waiting for someone to instruct them on what to do next and they’re rarely short on motivation. Inspire your team to go the distance in any project they take on and encourage that they take initiative with what they’re passionate about the most. Together everyone achieves more!