4 Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

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If your sex life is a little stale, don't worry. You're not about to break up, nor are you doomed to a life of mundane sex, you're just in a bit of a rut. Before it gets too deep, start spicing things up by looking into new and inventive ways to show off your sexy side.

Discuss Your Fantasies

Sharing fantasies is one of the best ways to spice up your intimacy and show off your sexy side. Sit down with your partner and talk about some of your favorite fantasies. Share them with each other—and then do them. If you're comfortable with each other's deepest fantasies, there's no reason you shouldn't make them come true for each other. This will increase your trust, which will in turn strengthen your intimacy. By improving those two aspects, the sex itself will reach electrifying levels. Make a game of it and try to play out a new fantasy every week.


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Introduce Some Toys into the Bedroom

Sometimes, you need a few props to make yourself feel sexier. By introducing some toys into your sexual activities, you can really amp up the sizzle behind closed doors. Again, this is something you and your partner should discuss, so you both feel comfortable. Your partner might need a little encouraging, but let him know that you're really excited by the prospect. Remember, there are all kinds of toys you can try. Even props like handcuffs, silk scarves, or blindfolds can make things much more exciting. Your imagination is your only limit, so get kinky and explore your wild side.

Experiment with Role-Playing

In addition to exploring your fantasies, try role-playing. It's an oldie but a goodie. Sometimes taking on a different role lowers your inhibitions. It might even get rid of them completely. Your role-playing games might turn into extensions of your fantasies, or you might end up playing around with role reversal. For instance, if you're usually the submissive one in your relationship, turn the tables on your partner. It's time for you to take control. Seduce him, make the first move, take what you want. Try out some of those toys in the process, and make things spicier.

Dress for Sexual Success

You might not want to full-on role-play, and that's totally okay. Sometimes all it takes is some erotic intimate apparel, like corsets, thongs or G-strings, boy shorts, silk stockings, or a sensual silk teddy. Go shopping for lingerie and don't set any limits. For one day, for one shopping excursion, don't worry about any budgets. Pick out items that make you feel beautiful and sexy. Get a makeover, change the way you do your hair, and get all dressed up in something he'll love taking off, one piece at a time.

Sometimes you have to work to feel sexy and to keep things exciting in the bedroom, but it's worth the effort.

What's your favorite way to show off your sexy side?