4 ways to improve your eating habits without losing your social life

Original source unknown, but borrowed from here.


We’ve all been there: after a solid week (or three days, or month, whatever) of eating clean, nutritious food that makes you feel awesome, you find yourself out to dinner with friends. 

At everyone’s favorite greasy burger joint. 

And while you try valiantly to pretend the measly house salad you ordered is just as cool as everyone else’s extra-cheese-double-decker burger with fries and a milkshake, the jabs start piling on.

“Seriously, a salad? You’re no fun anymore.”
“Why don’t you order something real? You’re already so skinny.”
“Come on, you don’t even want one little fry?”
“You’re so healthy now. You’re making everyone else feel like a fatass.”

Committing to a clean, whole foods diet is difficult enough in the first place; add to that the pressure of trying to clear your decision with everyone else, and it’s easy to see why people just give up after a drunken diner run or two. Here are a few ways to incorporate your food choices into your lifestyle without totally alienating yourself (or your cheeseburger-loving friends).

Get the full list of ways to balance your eating habits + social life on Eat Well. Party Hard.


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