40 Days of Singleness: Let's Take a Trip

Day 5

*packs bags*

Well, I figured that the best way to have some fun while i’m single, and learning to experience life, even if i’m doing it alone, was to TRAVEL. So, for my first trip, I’m going to Houston!

I chose Houston because I have SO many friends living there, and I really want to see them. PLUS its warm!

I think this trip will turn out to be more than I thought. At first, it would’ve been for me and #him. But now, its become more of a celebration of my single-hood, and learning that my life can be great, even without a “permanent” guy occupant. I suppose this whole thing is going to be about experiencing life as a single woman in Atlanta. At least, that’s what i’m taking it as now. (Hopefully soon, I won’t be alone on these trips, and I might have a candidate in mind, but that’s for another time.)

I am hoping that I can cross at least three places off of my list this year. Now that i’m single, there is a certain aspect of freedom, even though #he is far away, that I can go, and not have to keep my phone charged so we can keep in touch, or call and let him know when i’m going or what i’m doing. I can go, shut my phone off, and be through. The road is my boo. Groupon is my sideline.

Hello Lovers.


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