40's the New 40

40 pic

I remember when my mom was in her Forties...do you remember your mom in her 40's?

My mom was a Line-Supervisor, working in a telephone factory...repairing the inner workings of a telephone(that's the best way I can describe it). I was around 12-13 years old then and I use to enjoy going up to her job-- gettin' adoration from all the other 40-something ladies that she considered friends, as well as, co-workers. These women gave the biggest and best compliments- it was almost as if a pretty, young girl was their dose of adrenaline for "big dreams they never had".  I use to spend plenty of summer hours, sitting around, listening to their "weights of their world".

These ladies worked hard, though. Almost all of them had been laid off several times before and were always happy to be "called back" to work.  Although most of them were married, they didn’t ever seem too happy about it.  Trying to financially stay above water, while putting up with husbands who were unfaithful, abusive, alcoholic, deadbeats, or all of the above…were the “norm” around there.

They considered their lives "just how it is" There Must Have Been Something in the Water because everyone was in a similar circumstance. In their minds, the alternative was "broke, homeless, and lonely". I don't think any of them noticed the Fork in the Road...their vehicle automatically veers to the right. Well, I saw the Fork. And I left my cubicle for the Scenic Route. Many 40-something-women these days prefer not to have their vehicle on "auto-pilot".  They are taking control of their situations-- Making choices that can and will change the course of their lives, forever. The motivation is unhappiness.  And In 2013, we have the resources (information, education, finances) to start gettin’ happy.  To get on that road, you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and take that risk that you've dreamt of for years.

It will not be easy…but it can be done

What’s on your path to the leftIt could be one of the following:

1) Gettin’ fit even though your family members are all obese

2) Gettin’ financially healthy and buying your own home even though your friends spend all their money on designer purses and expensive cars they can’t afford

3) Gettin’ a divorce even though you think your husband-soon-to- be-ex :-) threatens to make your life a living hell

4) Gettin’ your own business even though your boss and co-workers will think you’ve lost your mind

5) Gettin’ that degree even though your kid is gettin’ ready to start college

6) Gettin’ married even though you’ve just divorced a real a—hole

7)  Gettin’ your tubes tied because you don’t want to have children even though your mother will be very upset with you

8) Gettin’ the nerve to apply for that job promotion even though you think you’re not qualified

 There’s a New 40, Ladies…

So, Let’s Get to Gettin’!



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