48 Days to a Better Me, I Accept the Challenge

Kelly McCausey from Momstalknetwork created a 48 day challenge for herself

The weekend of March 13th, Kelly is meeting up with some of her girlfriends that she hasn’t seen most of them in almost two years. This reunion plus a cute reference to her looking in the mirror motivated her to create this challenge.  The 48 Days is the exact number of days to her reunion at the time of her posting.

When I read her post, I thought it was a great way to get motivated to get me going to a Better Me as well.  Yesterday’s Post, “If I Get that Question One More Time” motivated me to do something more for myself.  So when I read her post, I thought it was great timing.

So I accept the challenge as well.  My 48 day deadline starting today is March 17th.

What will I be working on you say?  I will take the same committments that I pledged to do on my I Pledge Post.  This way, it makes me more accountable to what I had committed to.  Here is a summary of what I pledged on my post:

  1. To Be a Better Christian
  2. Te Be a Better Mother
  3. To Be a Better Wife
  4. To Smile even when the Times are Tough
  5. To Perform Random acts of Kindness to Strangers
  6. To Donate to a cause I believe in (MS Society of Canada)
  7. This wasn’t on my original I Pledge Post but I am also adding Exercising as part of my 48 Days to a Better Me.  So here are the actions that I will be taking in the next 48 days:


Better Christian:  I use to go to church every Sunday that I didn’t work but have stopped since my last trimester of pregnancy.  I found it extremely hot in the church during my last trimester and now find it difficult to attend with two children alone.  My husband works week-ends.  I will not let that stop me.

I will attend at least two sermons before the end of the 48 days 


Better Mother:  There is no better gift tha being a mom.  To honor that,

I will create a project with my older son which will hopefully be a fun bonding experience


Better Wife:  To ensure I never take him for granted

Watch hockey games with him without being online at the same time


Numbers 4,5,6 need no explanation


Exercising:  Taking care of myself will enable me to better care for others.  I also realized that there is no point in complaining how I get comments that I still look pregnant if I’m not doing anything about it.  After my first pregnancy, I always said I would exercise but never did.  I lost half of the weight within 1 month (like this time too) but then kept the other half until I went back to work.  Luckily, my job (Retail Manager for a large Department Store) gets me to do a lot of walking, but I don’t want to wait that long. 


I need to start and commit to my exercise routine.


I will also be keeping you up to date on my blog.  If you don’t see any updates, feel free to send me a reminder.  When I update on my blog, I’ll send a twitter message with the hash tag #betterme that Kelly created.

Thanks Kelly for swinging my foot that kicked my pants to get me started.



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