5 Amazing Future Cars Ideas

The automobile industry is constantly innovating itself with newer technologies that take the elements of design, safety, and functionality very seriously. Cars for the future are either being built specifically for safety or are at least incorporating this particular aspect of safety along with other innovative elements. Some of these automobile concepts are works of pure genius and we can almost certainly guarantee they’re going to revolutionize the way we travel! Let’s take a look at five car ideas that everyone on our team’s getting excited about!

Driverless Car – Google scientists have been working on automated technology for vehicles that will employ artificial intelligence software along with Google Maps navigation system. These self-driven cars have already been tested on the roads of Nevada, California and Florida.

Driverless Car by Google

Communicative Cars – The US government and automobile manufacturers are looking to combine two extremely innovative technologies to enable future vehicles to communicate with one another as well as with the objects around them.

The first of these two technologies is calledVehicle-to-Vehicle communication (or V2V), that is being tested by companies like Ford in order to figure out a way that can help reduce road accidents. V2V will function by using wireless signals to transmit information to and fro between cars and objects with regard to their exact location, speed and direction. The information will then be communed to other vehicles around so as to allow them to maintain safe distances from each other. 

The other technology under testing is called vehicle-to-infrastructure communication (or V2I). Cars will be able to communicate things like road signs, traffic signals and provide information to the vehicle about safety issues and possible routes to take.

These technologies are a potent combination that can transform the very face of transportation and enhance road safety exponentially.

Augmented Reality Dashboards – Augmented Reality dashboards (or AR) will identify external objects and display related information about them across the windshield for drivers.

Augumented Reality Dashboards

 BMW has already launched a few vehicles with this windshield display. These will aid a driver in identifying objects upfront and calculating the distance between the car and the object. Additionally, BMW is currently investigating the use of AR for automotive technicians.

In a different part of the world, Toyota is researching the AR for passengers as well. The AR will enable passengers to zoom in, select and identify the external objects along with estimating the distance between the object and the vehicle with the help of a touch-screen panel.

Electric-Networked Vehicle – General Motors’ EN-V is a two-person concept car that is aiming to replace existing urban vehicles by the time we reach 2030. This tech-savvy EN-V car will strive towards solving some of the major transportation problems like heavy traffic and parking space shortages. It’s exactly what New York needs! 

Electric-Networked Vehicle

GM will include V2V communications, GPS and distance sensing technologies in the EN-V. And since it will be powered by electricity, it will go on to make a significant contribution towards creating a healthier and greener environment.

Energy-Storing Panels – In Europe, manufacturers are researching as well as testing body panels that are capable of storing energy and that can charge at a much faster speed than that of the traditional batteries. These panels are being made from polymer fiber and carbon resin that are extremely sturdy to store energy and flexible enough to be shaped into panels. Also, these panels will significantly help in reducing a car's body weight by up to fifteen percent.

Future Cars

The panels will employ technologies like regenerative braking. Toyota is in fact conducting valuable research on lightweight energy storing panels that can actually capture solar energy.

 Let’s just come right out and say it; the future is looking extremely promising with the ideas behind these cars.

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