5 Awesome Beauty Cheats You Probably Didn’t Know

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I was chatting to my girlfriends the other night about girly-girl things, you know those nights: red wine, cheese and chocolate (also known as cheat day) … usually sporting an "around-the-house look" with messy buns, baggy t-shirts and leggings. While playing with bright summer lipsticks, we got to talking about beauty cheats, and I was really surprised that some of them hadn’t heard of these five beauty cheats. I was compelled to write it up and share it with you — enjoy!

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You probably have dry shampoo in your pantry

Conventional dry shampoos are not only expensive but they contain chemicals andtoxins. All you need is an oil-absorbing substance like corn starch or arrowroot powder. Just sprinkle a little bit on your roots and brush it through until it's gone. This is great for ladies with light hair, but if you have dark hair like me, then just mix in a little cocoa powder, too.

You can quick-dry nails with water

You read right, ladies! Fill a small bowl with iced water and about 30 seconds after applying nail polish, dip those pretty fingertips in the iced water for about one minute.

For make-up remover, turn to Mother Nature

Olive oil is a natural hypoallergenic way to moisturize skin, and it also works a charm to remove makeup (especially eye shadow and mascara)! I LOVE using olive oil for beauty — check out these six ways you can use olive oil for beauty.

You don’t need to buy makeup brush cleaning solution

We’ve all been there; bought some make-up brushes from MAC and been sold the cleaning solution, too. The truth is you don’t really need it. I clean my makeup brushes with Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap -- it’s all-natural and works a charm to rid your brushes of foundation. I keep a bottle of Castile Soap in the house for busy times when I haven’t got a chance to make my own natural beauty products.

There’s no need to buy an eyebrow brush

Your mascara should be replaced every 3-6 months to protect your eyes from bacteria. But next time you're about to dispose of your mascara, keep the wand, give it a clean with Castile Soap, and voila, you have an eyebrow brush. I rub a little Argan oil on my old mascara wand to give my brows a nice fresh-looking glow with a little extra definition.

Got an awesome beauty hack? Sharing is caring, so leave a comment below!


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