5 Back To School Concerns For Parents

Well, summer has come and gone.  And many students are in their final weeks of preparation to return to school.  Some may be bored out of their minds and ready to go back, while others are wanting to have more time away.  Usually the parents are very excited to send their children back to school.

As parents, you send your children to school to receive a good education.  And there are several ways that you as a parent can ensure that the goal is met.  All it takes is being an involved parent.

Here is a list of 5 things that should be of concern to you as a parent as your children return to school:

  1. Teacher/Student Relationship  It is important that your child feels comfortable with his or her teacher.  Your child should feel that their teacher has their best interest at heart, and is available for assistance.  I highly advise parents to attend an Open House at their child's school.  Open House usually takes place within the first month of school.  This is a great time to introduce yourself to your child's teacher(s).  Inform the teacher of any difficulties that your child may have in class, including behavioral issues.  Find out when the teacher is available for a conference and for tutoring.  It is also best to keep regular contact with your child's teacher throughout the school year.  Believe me, teachers love parents that are involved in their child's education. {read more}

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