5 Beauty Tips To Achieve Melt Proof Makeup In The Summer

You know the dreaded feeling when you can feel your foundation literally dripping down your face or your eyeliner smudging and even smearing. I usually use lightweight foundation in the warmer months but even then it is a fear of mine. It’s vital to adjust your makeup routine and products in the warmer months to prevent your makeup from running down your face.


Using a good primer all throughout the year is a good idea but it’s very vital in the summer months.  A primer will keep your makeup intact all day no matter rain or shine. Using a good face primer will not only keep your makeup in place but it also reduces skin imperfections like making pores appear smaller. It also evens out your skin tone creating a bare canvas on your face which in turn makes applying foundation a lot more easier. Most importantly a primer acts as a barrier wall. It prevents your skin from actually touching your makeup which makes your face makeup lasts much longer. I know there are many people who prefer to use primers that are not silicone based but in reality silicone primers lasts longer and do a much better job keeping your make up in place. Just think of it like this, silicone based products are a lot more difficult to remove than water based products.

If you love your liquid foundation as much as I do that love needs to stop in the Summer months because it will bring nothing but trouble to your face. But if you love the coverage that liquid foundations provide then switch to a silicone base liquid foundation. Much like using a silicone based face primer a silicone based foundation will act in the same way by creating a barrier between your skin and the outside elements. It also prevents too much of the product seeping into your pores plus it lasts much longer then non silicone based foundations. I personally choose to use a liquid foundation over powder for two reasons. First being dry skin and powders never make a great couple and second reason being that when you wear any powder products in the warmer months and you do tend to sweat it ends u looking like a hot cakey mess.

If you have serous blemishes or dark circles and you need to wear concealer then opt for a waterpoof concealer like the Make Up Forever waterproof concealer. The last thing you want is your concealer to melt off half way through the day.

A lot of people wear powder blushes or powders in the Summer thinking that it will absorb extra oil but during the hot months I wouldn’t recommend wearing powder blushes because they will only end up looking cakey within a short time. Using cream based products might sound like a crazy idea but cream products will add a nice natural glow and won’t look cakey. There are many long wearing cream blushes on the market.

Eyeliner & False Lashes
I don’t know about you but I could never give up my false lashes. I wear them pretty much everyday. When it’s hot and humid outside it’s important to use a waterproof eyeliner and a good lash glue to avoid your lash band from peeling off your eyes. Using a waterproof eyeliner will prevent your eyeliner from transferring or smudging. My ultimate favorite waterproof eyeliners are the MAC Liquidlast Liner.

The most important thing to remember is to keep everything lightweight and sheer and always remember to wear sunscreen with a decent amount f SPF.





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