5 Best Body Butters for Soft Skin

Win Win For Your Skin
A single product with this many uses is really a gift for your skin (and I'll bet your pocketbook won't complain much either). A body butter can be made with as little as 2 ingredients, and because it is water free, doesn't need preservatives. It does however, require a little more effort with application than a cream. You have to work it in, but if you think of this as a mini-massage, then it's really more of a benefit than a bother.

As for uses, here 10 reasons to have a pure and simple body butter around:

1. Hand Care
- For everyday use: a tiny amount will soak right in without feeling greasy
- If you have dry hands, apply a larger amount as night cream
- If you have extremely dry hands, apply a generous amount and put on cotton gloves before going to bed for an all-night moisturizing boost

2. To Soften Dry Patches
Body butter is perfect for smoothing and soothing dry, flaky elbows, heels, toes – anywhere you need an extra moisture injection. Apply a small amount at a time and gently massage in until absorbed. This is more effective than 'greasing up'.

3. Foot Care
- Daily use: apply a small amount to freshly washed feet and work in all over to keep skin supple
- Once a month: work a generous amount in after a foot soak and cover with cotton socks for an all-night moisture treatment

4. Cuticle Softener
Work a small amount into each finger/toe after washing or soaking and finish by gently pushing back cuticles

5. Eye Make-up Remover
Apply a small amount of body butter to a moistened cotton round and gently remove eye-make-up. This will not only dissolve water-proof mascara, but condition your lashes as well.