The 5 Best Ways to Care for Your Pet Friend

Pets provide us with unconditional love and trust throughout their lifetime. Our pets are solely dependent upon us for their care, upkeep and maintenance and there are things we need to understand and be aware of in order to fulfill our obligations to our pets. Here are 5 tips for pet care that include keeping your pets safe from the cold, wiping off their feet after a walk, staying away from dangerous treats, watching what your pet puts in their mouth and scheduling regular checkups for your friend. These tips, like the ones found on, can help enhance the life of your pet and your time together.


  • Tip #1: Keep Your Pets Safe from the Cold 

During the extremes of winter and cold weather, we sometimes forget that our cats and dogs do not respond as well to the temperatures as we do. This lack of understanding can lead to your pet suffering from hypothermia or the ill effects of the cold that can be avoided. If it is cold outside for you, it probably is cold for your pet. Keep cats and dogs inside and out of the wind and cold. Be aware of any opening that a pet may escape through and close them in order to prevent your pet from wandering off and getting lost. When walking your dog, place a warm cover on them, especially if they are a smaller breed and limit their outside exposure as much as possible.


  • Tip #2: Wipe Your Pets Feet When Coming in From Outside 

During the winter months in areas where lots of ice and snow accumulates it is not uncommon for salting and deicing agents to be used in order to make roads and walkways safer. Unfortunately many of these products contain chemical compounds that can be harmful to your pet if ingested. If you have a pet that goes outside a lot (especially a dog) and they have to walk on rock salt or other deicing material, be sure to keep a warm cloth handy to wipe their feet when you bring them inside.


  • Tip #3: Watch the Treats You Give Your Pet 

There has been a lot of reports lately on the danger of certain pet treats that may be unhealthy for your pets. It seems that the treats that your pet likes the most may in fact be the most harmful to your pet's health. There are steps you can take to avoid giving your pets unhealthy or harmful treats. Look for a brand of treats that are made from all natural ingredients. You can typically find these types of treats in a natural food store or locally sourced pet store. You may also consider making your own pet treat out of ingredients that are in your home. There are plenty of recipes available that can help you make quick and healthy treats that your pet will enjoy.


  • Tip #4: Watch What Your Pet Puts in Their Mouth  

When your pet is outside the home (and sometimes in the house) they may have a natural tendency to put things they find on the ground in their mouth. Be mindful of what your pet sniffs or eats; there are too many reports of pets being harmed by foreign objects left by someone with bad intentions.


  • Tip #5: Schedule Regular Checkups for your Pet Friend 

It should go without saying that the best way to keep your pet healthy is for you to schedule appointments. At least annually you should take your pet in to a clinic for a basic checkup. This will help you get the information you need regarding their health, diet and give you the assurance that your pet will be with you for some time.