5 Blogging Rules I Broke and My Blog Didn't Break

5 Blogging Rules Unwritten Rules1. Comments

You’re not from these ‘ere parts if you don’t already know I don’t have comments on this blog.

The other thing you may not know is that comments can actually harm your blog ranking. Something I was discussing with an SEO expert the other day.

Simply put, Google sees a page of content (including it’s comments) as just a page of content. If those comments are, in the main, spam or a lot of ‘well done’s’ and ‘good job’s’ the content on the page is diluted. Few comments contain substantive key words from the post or augment the content and is why many pro bloggers sift and moderate their comments. Have you never wondered why some of the pro bloggers only ever have entertaining and/or well thought out and considered commentary on their blogs? Yeah. The comments that weren’t all gold never see the light of blog.

Not a reason to start deleting well meaning comments all over the shop, but something to consider the next time the comment debate rages. In any case, I closed comments on my blog for different reasons and my blog rank didn’t plummet or my followers disappear.


2. Consistent posting schedule 

If I don’t have anything to say, I try not to use up 500 words of internet space saying it. I am not always moved to post on a Wednesday at 0700 hrs, or to ensure I have posted at least 2-4 times in the week. What I do try and do is make sure that when I do post it is not filler for content’s sake. Google may like fresh content on a blog or website, but it hates inconsequential content more. Google aside – so do readers. I don’t want to break anyone’s heart here….but ain’t no-one worrying they haven’t seen a post alert from you at 20.03 hrs on whatever day. And I’m not going to use that tired phrase ‘quality over quantity’, but it would be the right thing to say here if I was so minded.


3. Find a blogging niche

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