5 Characteristics of a Farmer

"The farmer plants seed by taking God’s word to others." 
-Mark 4:14
We are doing a series on 'The Parable of The Sower' in Church for the next couple of weeks. My pastor is teaching on each of the soils and how to grow and develop as a Christian. Last night at Missional Community my pastor encouraged us to seek out what God was teaching us specifically about this parable.  Praise God that his Word is Living and it speaks to us different in each stage of life. Soils are great but my heart and mind went towards the farmer. The farmer is described as those who take God's word to others. So I started to think, “I consider myself a farmer…but what are the characteristics of a farmer?” Farmers are...

  1. Early Risers- A farmer has a hearty meal in the morning to sustain him, then gets out there early to start his work. We should rise early as well and have our hearty meal of the Bible each morning before we start our day.
  2. Hard Working- A farmer has big strong muscles from working out in the field all day. Our muscle is called the Holy Spirit. We should constantly be using his strength to do our daily tasks and to help us make decisions.
  3. Does Dirty Jobs- A farmer does the jobs that others wouldn't even think of doing, like cleaning the pig pen.  We should show the love of Christ in the dirtiest situations, in the slums of India, in the townships of South Africa, in the worst neighborhoods of New York City
  4. Caring- A farmer is constantly watering and taking care of the crops, he sees what they need and protects them.  We are called to make disciples. Disciples take time and hard work and dedication. You don't just dump the seeds and then you are done.
  5. Rewarded- At the end of the day he sees growth and accomplishment. We will also see reward the end of our time here on earth.  We will be rewarded for our hard work as a farmer down here on earth. 
I love God's Word because it meets you where you are at that moment in time. His spirit has convicted me to really take the characteristics of a farmer and put them into practice. I pray you all will do the same. 


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