5 Common Ailments Treatable with Natural Healing Oils

Now, more than ever, we are looking into what we’re putting into our bodies. The awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle has made some major strides in the recent years. Families are going organic and are making an effort to stay away from processed sugars.

With that being said, it’s great that you're watching what you’re putting in your body, food-wise. But are you paying attention on the medical front?

We use chemicals and medications because they are tried and tested. We can use a pill for common ailments without realizing there may be alternative (but proven effective) solutions available to us. (Of course, only those which are effective and safe, as proven using scientific studies, are worth trying - and it's also best to ask our doctor before combining traditional with Western remedies.)

Using natural healing oils can be an alternative to using over-the-counter drugs. Here is a list of common ailments that can be cured with natural healing oils. 

1.  Heart ailment

Dealing with heart disease involves many aspects of treatment, including lifestyle change and medication. More and more studies are revealing the value of different oils, especially those rich in PUFAs, in lowering cholesterol and improving one's cardiac profile. For instance, a study on hempseed oil has an optimal ratio of omega 6 fatty acids to omega 3 fatty acids, giving it a promising role in preventing heart disease in the future.

2. Acne

Plant-derived remedies help support acne therapy, especially in different areas in Europe. A study published in Phytotherapie in 2007 supported the role of ,any plant oils and extracts, including chamomile and wheat bran, as they actually possess anti-inflammatory properties. Some even reduce perspiration and prevent microbial growth.

3.  Insomnia

Sleep is crucial for so many reasons. It helps repair the body while "rebooting" the mind, improving both attention and decision-making skills. When you doesn't get enough sleep, you may experience irritability and reduced productivity. A 2014 study on lavender oils revealed that people using lavender aromatherapy may sleep better and even have lower blood pressure.

4.  Wound treatment

Different plant extracts and oils are effective in preventing microbial proliferation. For instance, marigold shows anti-inflammatory activity while also keeping microbial counts to a minimum. It was approved in Germany as an agent for wound treatment. When applied twice a day, marigold (calendula) ointment actually decreased radiotherapy-induced dermatitis in breast cancer patients, as reported in a 2000 radiotherapy study published in Aktuelle Dermatologie.

5.  Dermatitis or eczema

Inflammatory dermatitis, such as atopic dermatitis, may be relieved by natural remedies. Primrose oil, for instance, is rich in linoleic acid that helps bring down inflammation, whether applied or administered for systemic use.


In today's day and age, there is a pill for everything. We tend to only look for quick fixes but seldom check if they are the healthiest option for us.

You can look into proven-safe, proven-effective natural oils if you're looking for great alternatives to manufactured chemicals. Products like natural oils from Amoils give a variety of options that can help treat a number of problems without worrying about the backlash of chemicals. In addition, these products are FDA-approved and readily available for use. By utilizing natural oils, you are giving your body an organic way to heal.

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