5 Easy Ways To Get Yourself Off the Couch And On the Treadmill

People in our society believe that they can ignore their body.  That they can work hard, achieve career success and drink fatty drinks while taking pills to deal with any health hiccups along the way. This way of thinking is very unwise.  The weaker your body gets, the weaker your mind gets. 

Now I know that the pull to sit on a couch for countless hours is tempting—I too have a wonderful couch!  It’s green, soft and has the added bonus of turning into a sofa bed.  As far as couches go, it’s pretty amazing.   But as comfortable as my couch feels (especially during those cold winter months) I know that sitting on my couch will get me nowhere, fast—And drinking excessively or long sessions of stuffing my face with junk food are just as harmful. All of this will make muscles weak and my mind lazy.  In a nutshell, I am not growing stronger, I am growing weaker instead.

Here are 5 easy ways to get yourself off your favorite couch (or bar stool) and get stronger with every passing day.

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  1. Be An Athlete- One of my favorite things about being a ballplayer for so many years, was the realization that exercise can be fun! Yes, fun!  When you are playing a sport you like you are pushing your body to the limit without even realizing it.  So find a sport you like, and be an athlete. I am currently boxing and I love it!
  2. Find the Right Picture- We are all bombarded with images of beauty that are completely unattainable.   So finding the right image to inspire you is crucial. If you have crazy ideas in your head based on images that are cut and enhanced, you will always feel like a failure—And failure doesn’t motivate anyone to do better.  So find women or men with a body type and frame similar to yours—and keep a picture of them where you can see them.  Hopefully it is a picture of someone you know in real life instead of a celebrity.
  3. Set Small Goals And Gradually Work Your Way Up- When I first started running again, I started slowly.  First I walked for 10 minutes, and jogged for another 10.  I slowly made my way up to 1 hour and 30 minutes of running time.   Everyone can do the same.

4.  Don’t Depend On Someone Else To Be Your Workout Buddy-  Some people say that having a buddy to exercise with is motivating in some way. I disagree. When you depend on someone else, you are at the mercy of their changes in mood, lifestyle and schedules. So be your own buddy and support yourself!

5. Create A Music Playlist You Love-  When I start slowing down and losing interest in my exercise routine, I simply create a new playlist.  Songs that are fun are the best options.

These days, you really have to go out of your way to take care of your health and body.  We have less sidewalks to walk on and less healthy food options available. But you must fight each and every day to find ways to make that happen.  So fight for your body, fight for yourself and fight for your health.

 Be Well,

Laura H.





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