5 Essential Tips for Creating Your Personal Brand

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Creating your personal brand may be a bit daunting, but it’s a salient aspect to keep everything cohesive and ensuring that you have the same look and values throughout all of your business ventures, websites, and social media accounts.

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If you are looking for some great branding tips for you and your online space – blog, business, Facebook, Instagram, whatever! – then keep reading. . .


#1: What do you offer your audience?

Figuring out what your purpose is and what you have to offer your audience will be incredibly beneficial for when it comes to tailoring your personal brand. What do you love doing? What are you passionate about? What do you want to do as a job? If you already have an idea of what your dream career is, even if the idea is vague, then make your purpose obtaining that career. This means everything you do paves another stone in the stepping path toward your dream.

What does this have to do with your website or business? What you want to do and what service or goods you offer should be clearly stated. It doesn’t matter if it’s just running a blog that shares images of dogs being shamed, or if you're someone offering a website design service. Your website’s purpose is critical and needs to be stated as clearly and effectively as possible as soon as someone visits your website.

If you currently do not have a mission statement, or a site slogan, take some time to ponder on it and come up with one. Do you write about books? Tell your readers that! If they are unsure of what the purpose of your site is, why should they take the time to read through it? – then they will leave.

If you're looking to just build a social network and have a casual blogging brand, then that is perfectly fine! Figuring out what you will offer your audience will help to determine which type of blogger you are. Are you a fashionista who wants to share the latest Outfit of the Day post, do you prefer to talk about the latest makeup trends, or are you all about inspiring people and giving them fitness and nutrition tips? Whichever type of blogger or brand you wish to be, there are plenty of options out there for starting your brand.

#2: What is your vision?

Where do you see yourself going with this venture? If you are using these tips to create your own personal branding or to launch your career, you need to think of your five-year-goal and create a five-year-plan.  Many successful people outline their goals and continue to work toward them at all times.

When it comes to your online space, such as your website or blog, then you need to think of the end product. In five years, what do you want to your site to be? How do you want it to look? Which brands or other bloggers do you hope to be collaborating with? Do you want to collaborate with others? What about offering your personal advice and insights to others in the same field?

It helps to decide these things right now since things are constantly changing. If you have goals and dreams for your website or blog right now, then you will be able to create focus and strive toward meeting your goals. This will push your brand in the right direction, whether it’s a personal brand or a business brand.

#3: What do you imagine your brand to look like?

Think of which design elements reflect both you and your brand. You may personally love pictures of cats sticking their tongues out, but you cannot really use that as your Twitter background photo if you want to connect and network with serious, career-oriented people. If you want to just use it for social reasons, or if that reflects the overall tone of your blog, then go ahead!

Furthermore, your business card should reflect the kind of clients you want. It should be crisp and clean, yet still interesting. Use luxurious color schemes to connote the type of tone and vibe you're going for. Companies such as 99Designs offer a wide range of design solutions for business owners, including logos, brand identity packages, packaging design, t-shirt designs, and more. When it comes to design for your website, you'll want a professionally designed logo and a color scheme that follows suit throughout the brand, so such companies will be a critical part of building your brand. 

Be consistent, and make sure everything goes together. If you use one type of font for an article heading on one page, keep using that font for article headings throughout your site. Alternatively, you can use a site such as Material Palette to help pick out two colors and create a color scheme from there. It comes complete with HTML codes for your web design, as well!

Think about how easy your site will be to navigate through. If your site is too much work to figure out, people will leave and your bounce rate will skyrocket. Busy backgrounds and bright colors make a site hard to look at, and a cluttered sidebar will make people irritated and want to leave. Keep these things in mind when designing your site’s navigation.

#4: Who are you?

It’s important to know what you stand for, what you do not condone, and what you're neutral on. You need to know what causes you're behind and what your principles are. It may seem odd to identify them on paper, but it will behoove you to do so when making critical decisions. You need to decide which sectors you're comfortable working with, what you absolutely can't do, and what you'd be willing to do in order to get your dream career. These things will guide your life and your career, so it’s important to figure them out now and base your brand off of them.

One of the best ways to determine which type of career or career industry would be the optimal fit for you is to take a career interest test/survey. These tests, such as the one offered by ISEEK lets you rate the given activities you enjoy, your personal attributes, and school subjects that you like. From there, the test determines which “career clusters” are a match for your interest. This is especially helpful in deciding which direction you want to take your professional brand and/or website.

#5: How do you want to come across?

If you're working on a professional brand, online space, business, or blog, then you need to decide what your brand is going to say. What tone do you want to write in? Will you be chatty and have casual conversational tones when responding to comments, or will you be be more reserved and formal? Do you swear or curse? Do you only stick to those dogs being shamed, or will you add in some cats who knocked vases off tables? Will you work with brands and do sponsored and affiliate posts? Will you invite other bloggers to guest blog, or will your writing and content be all you?

If you work out these details now, then you'll have less tough decisions to make in the future.


- AP Bullard -



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