5 Excuses Parents Make for Their Bratty Little Children

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Bratty children are a pain, and the only ones that can truly bring a difference in their attitude are their own parents. Sadly, not many parents want to do something about it, for them its easier to just make excuses.

Below, I have listed the most common excuses parents make and what that could lead to. So go ahead and read. If you fit into any of the excuses below, then you really control the situation before it's too late.




1. "They are just kids, they don’t need rules at this age."

Yes they do. Everyone needs rules. If they don’t get used to living under the rules of the house, you can’t expect them to listen to you when they grow up and are passing through the risky phases of teenage-hood.

2. "I just can’t ground them. I don’t want them to think I am evil."

Not doing that will rather make you a bad parent. Children need to know that for every action there is a consequence. If you ignore or handle lightly any misbehavior of theirs, all you are teaching them is it’s okay to be bad. There is a difference between making a mistake and intentionally doing the wrong thing. The former should be addressed with an understanding heart whilst the latter should be met with a confrontation to find out why they did that despite knowing it was wrong.

3. "I want them to have whatever they want, everything I never had as a child."

Then get ready to always meet their never-ending demands. The more you give, the more they will want. That’s not all; you are creating a false bubble around them. In this world, you don’t always get what you want and those who don’t learn this during childhood face a lot of disappointments later on, some of which they will blame on you, the parent.

4. "My kids are picky eaters, they only love junk food. So that’s what I have to give them."

No, you don’t. Its okay for them to dislike a few foods, like a couple of vegetables or fruit or a type of meal. But for them to totally depend on junk, processed food is ridiculous. All you are doing is bringing up unhealthy, ungrateful kids. You must find creative ways to feed them a balanced diet. Being a parent is all about finding solutions to problems, it needs a lot of time and effort on your part but that is the only right way to bring up kids.

5. "It’s your kids fault, my kid never gets angry."

Just because he/she is your kid dosen’t make him/her an angel. Let’s face it, putting the blame on another kid instead of asking your child why that happened is easier -- but all you are doing is creating a bully. Sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. If you keep covering for him/her, then it won’t be long before they treat you the same way too. Ever heard of what goes around comes around? It applies very strongly to parenting. How you raise your kid is how they will treat you in future.

Some of the scenarios I created would seem like exaggeration to some people, but its from a lot of observation on my part that made me realize how spoiling kids could lead to horrifying results in their as well as your life.


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