5 favorite workouts

Another week gone by.  It was a rough week in our house.  Both of my girls have been sick.  I hate sick kids it's heart breaking.  Anyway that's a whole other topic.  On to our new series Fitness Friday.
  To kick of this series I just wanted to start simple.  Talking about my Top 5 Favorite Workouts. 
1.  Yoga - This should be a part of EVERYONE'S workout.  Whether you are young, old, male, or female get your yoga on.  It quiets your mind, elongates your muscles, and has so many health benefits.  It can lower your blood pressure, help with hormone imbalances, and give you mobility.  Oh and if you are feeling up to it, try Hot Yoga.  By far the best thing in life is Hot Yoga!!!
2.  Running - I love to run.  It's my time to clear my head and breath.  I know some of you may not enjoy running s much as I do.  But, what about a walk?  Get outside, enjoy the sunshine, clear your head and breath.  If you don't like to do it alone, join a group or enter a race.  It will change your life I promise.  It helps build your endurance and your cardiovascular system.

3.  HIIT - High-Intensity Interval Training.  Oh HIIT.  An efficient workout, that you can do anywhere.  It builds your cardiovascular system, burns fat, and increases your metabolism.  Bam could you ask for a better workout??

4.  Barre - Ladies this ones for you.  If you have not attended a Barre class you should.  When I was a trainer, I literally worked out 4-5 hours a day between classes and my own workouts.  I thought I was in the best shape of my life.... And then I took a Barre class. Say what?  I got my a** handed to me.  In my defense I took it right after teaching a weight lifting yoga class and taking a hot yoga class.  I literally passed out, mouth open on my couch.  It was so bad my husband even took a picture for black mail.  It's a different kind of workout and works every muscle in your body.  SO GOOD!
5.  Weights - Good old weight lifting.  I had to put this on my top 5.  This can be used for corrective exercises to fix muscle imbalances, build muscle, and burn fat.  That's right burn fat.  Muscle burns more calories than fat.  So, if you build muscle you will burn more calories just standing there. No brainer.  Lift weights. 
  There are a ton of other exercise options out there.  You've got group classes, DVD's, TRX, and Sports.  At the end of the day whatever exercise get's you moving do it!!


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