5 Flu Prevention Items Every Employee Needs on Their Work Desk

Freezing mornings spent scraping ice from windshields, the sounds of muffled coughing all throughout the day, and employees MIA from the workplace for several days on end. It’s that time of the year again: flu season. This year, with the flu hitting office workers everywhere harder than ever, it’s important that bosses provide their team members anti-flu tools to keep on hand so they can prevent from catching the bug to the best of their ability.

1) Hand Sanitizer

I recently made the rounds to every desk in the office to drop off a hefty bottle of Germ-X hand sanitizer. Whether it’s typing on a laptop keypad to making a sales call on the phone, all day long at work we’re constantly touching something and may in some cases even be sharing the item we touched with others. Bring on the sanitizer to start killing the germs early before they have a chance to spread!

2) Kleenex

Ah-choo! Yet another familiar sound heard ‘round the office this time of year and one that we’re often caught off-guard in prepping a tissue in advance for. In addition to the hand sanitizer, keep a full box of Kleenex handy with plenty of backup boxes stored away in a supply closet. Throw the tissues away immediately after use instead of hanging onto them and wash your hands afterward.

3) DayQuil

Ward off flu and cold symptoms fast by keeping a bottle or capsules of DayQuil handy in your work drawer. There’s no chance of your team dropping off to sleep either - the lack of antihistamines ensures that your employees won’t feel drowsy on the job.

4) Fresh Fruit Bowl

Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, a bowl of fresh fruit kept in the break room makes for a great and refreshing snack for your immune system during long work days.

5) A Flexible Schedule

It’s not a physical item, but one that’s definitely valuable especially if you haven’t had a flu shot yet. Encourage all employees to make an appointment to get their shot or fill a prescription for Tamiflu and work around their schedules to find the most convenient time to duck out of the office and go.