5 foods for jet lag prevention & general travel sanity




















  1. Raw fruits & veggies
  2. Deconstructed salad
  3. Chewy/crunchy grains
  4. Healthy fats
  5. (Semi) guilty pleasure

Awesome and exciting: traveling halfway across the world.

Not awesome or exciting: trying to stay healthy, fully fueled and airline-regulation-friendly in the process.

After hospital food, airport and airline food may be the actual worst, y’all. Chain restaurant menus, $12 deli sandwiches or in-flight meals of white bread and maybe a few wilted veggies, if you’re lucky? So not into it. But if TSA won’t allow freshly-blended green smoothies on board, all hope is lost, right?

Come on, now—you know better than that. Here are five alternatives to traditional airline food that will keep you satiated and feelin’ good, but won’t cause unnecessary suspicion and/or full-body pat downs.

Get the full list of 5 jet lag-preventing foods on Eat Well. Party Hard.


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