5 Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy


Mario Kart Wii keeps the competition friendly.

 Racing games, especially cutesy titles like Nintendo's Mario Kart Wii, are perfect for the whole family. Mario Kart is especially great for families because of what Nintendo does with it — Everyone behind the leader gets a bit of a boost, while the current first-place racer has additional obstacles to overcome. No matter what, there's a chance for a photo finish, which is great for younger kids — or you, if you're falling behind.

Not only that, but this can really be a game for the whole family — the splitscreen allows up to four players to race instead of only two. Take a look:

See also: Forza Motorsport 4 for Xbox 360 and Gran Turismo 5 for PlayStation 3 are a lot more grown-up, but they offer a chance to teach your kids what really goes on behind the wheel and under the hood.

Kinect's just what you need to get the party started.

Ever since the Wii got the motion gaming fad going back in 2006, the other console manufacturers have been trying to catch up, and Microsoft took its shot at the relatively new genre with the Kinect for Xbox 360, which touts that "you are the controller," as I'm sure you've heard in the commercials a thousand times by now. Several Kinect titles let you play two-at-a-time, and one of the hotter games this holiday season will be Dance Central 2. This game teaches you the necessary moves to get your groove on with some of the hotter pop songs on the radio today (as well as a few older ones), and you can actually play with or against someone else, unlike the previous game, which only let you take turns. Take a look at this trailer:

See also: Kinect's got quite a few games that let you play with someone. Check out Kinect Adventures for a series of unconventional sports games, Disneyland Adventures for a faux trip to the California theme park, and Once Upon a Monster for some Sesame Street fun for younger kids. If you've got a PlayStation 3, check out PlayStation Move titles like Sports Champions and Eyepet for a similar experience.



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