5 Great Kitchen Storage Solutions

An organized kitchen – do they really exist? As a matter of fact, they do! No, you don’t have to watch your Tupperware avalanche out of your cupboards, or bang your pots and pans around just to find that perfect sized sauce pan. You can find the spices you’re looking for without completely tearing apart your pantry and you can have clean, tidy counter space all at the same time! It all comes down to smart storage and organization solutions. This article will explain five amazing storage solutions that will give you that organized kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Pot Racks: It doesn’t matter how much space you have under the sink, or how you stack and nest your set of pots and pans – it just never seems to work. One of the best organizational tools for any kitchen is a sturdy, functional pot rack. Pot racks allow you to hang your most used pots and pans from the rack on individual hooks, so that you no longer have to sound like a marching band just to find one small sauce pan. When you install your pot rack, make sure it is high enough that people aren’t banging their heads on it, but low enough that you can get the pots off and on with ease. Pot racks are great over top of islands or in the corner of a kitchen. 

2. Roll out Storage Carts: This particular piece of storage equipment is quite fantastic. Do you ever look under the sink to try and find a particular cleaner, the right size garbage bags or anew scouring pad only to end up clearing out the contents just to find it? Well this is where a roll out storage system will benefit you greatly. These wonderful carts are measured to fit your cupboard or pantry and once installed allow the cart or container part to roll out revealing its contents like a drawer. These are great to keep just about anything in. Now you can keep your cleaning products and tools in one, garbage bags in another, and hey, now that you have a new pot rack, why not use one for your pots’ lids? 

*Tip: If you are planning on renovating your kitchen in the near future, consider having long storage/pot and pan drawers installed under the counter in one section instead of the typical cabinetry. This will give you the same ease of storage and access to your items as the roll out storage carts.

3. Spice Racks: Something so simple, yet so under appreciated. Spice racks come in an array of shapes, sizes, functions all to suit your specific kitchen needs. So why keep your spices on a shelf in the cupboard or pantry, only to have to pull them all out to find the one you are looking for? Choose a type of spice rack that not only suits your décor, but works well for your kitchen. Tiered spice racks are great to have out on the counter, as each level of spices rises by a few inches, allowing you to see every spice you have in one glance. Turning spice racks are also great and come with stylish spice jars and are available in a number of designs. These also look great on any countertop. One of the more modern and creative types of spice racks on the market today are the magnetic racks that have stainless steel spice canisters that stick to a metal rack. What is so great about these is that if you have a small kitchen and cannot afford to give up the counter space for a spice rack, simply take your canisters and stick them onto the side of your fridge! Now you have your spices readily available without taking up room on your counter or in your cupboard.

4. Wire Wall Grids: Wire wall grids are a great, creative storage item that works well in any kitchen with walls – especially those kitchens who love to display their favourite cooking tools. Wire wall grids can be mounted on any wall in the kitchen and are used to store and display cooking utensils, such as ladles, pizza cutters, whisks, spatulas, and so on. Using hooks that hook onto the grid, simply hang your most used utensils on the, making them readily available in the moments when you need them. Some wall grids come with small shelves attached that can be used for extra storage as well. 

5. Drawer Dividers: If displaying your cooking utensils for all to see isn’t your cup of tea, try using drawer divider. This is one of the most useful and (should be) essential tools for any type of kitchen. Whether it is a junk drawer, a drawer to keep your utensils, a drawer for your foil and plastic wrap, or a drawer for those odd kitchen tools that don’t quite fit into a particular category, drawer dividers will help keep those drawers organized. Drawer dividers come in different sizes, colours, materials and depths to suit your organizational needs. Mix and match the various sizes to properly store things like twist ties, coupons and sandwich bags and more. You will find that your drawers have never looked better or seemed more functional.

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