5 Healthy Cooking Mistakes


Good Monday morning everyone! I am spending some time this morning looking through new, healthy recipes to try (I’ll post the recipe if I find a truly delicious one).  Yesterday I wasn’t exactly a picture of nutritional health, thanks to some leftover Jalapeño kettle cooked chips (that are delicious BTW) and Chinese food for dinner (although it’s healthier Chinese than you usually come across, and I ordered best I could – shrimp and broccoli- I still feel like a sodium balloon this morning).

This led me to thinking about mistakes people often make when trying to eat and cook in a healthy manner, and I thought I’d share some of the most common slip ups. ‘Mistakes’ is probably too harsh of a word to use.  To be more accurate, I should have titled this ‘tips to make your cooking more healthful’, but without further adieu, let’s get started:

1. Cooking with Olive Oil

Why? Olive Oil is as healthy as people say (rich in mono-unsaturated fats, contains polyphenols, etc) but when you olive oil is exposed to high temperatures (for EVOO- extra virgin olive oil, that is anything above 375 degrees), it begins to break down the fatty acids and glycerols that make it healthy and delicious in the first place.  So save your EVOO for use in drizzling over salads, breads and cooked veggies, and use broth to sauté and cook your food.  Or, cook with EVOO, but just keep the temperature under 375 degrees.

2. Boiling Vegetables

Why? Although an easy way to cook vegetables, boiling rids them of many of wonderful nutrients.  Water-soluble nutrients are drawn out of the vegetable, into the water, and are usually thrown out.  Plus, boiling is an easy way to overcook (and de-flavor) vegetables.  Instead, try steaming, roasting, grilling or stir frying them.  Or, if boiling is a must, use the leftover water in a sauce or soup to make sure you don’t waste those nutrients.

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