The 5 Keys to Happiness

The Five Keys to Happiness

The Five Keys to Happiness

1. Put Yourself First.

Take care of your own physical and emotional health before attempting to care for others.

2. Seek Out Support.

It is intelligent and proactive to ask for help from an expert. Build a ‘cabinet’ of advisors including a: physician, psychologist, lawyer, financial planner, personal trainer, etc.

3. Exercise Daily (stretching counts).

Exercise produces endorphins and reduces stress.

4. Eliminate All Forms of Clutter.

Discard tangible clutter in your home and disconnect from individuals in your life who create ‘emotional clutter’ for you to clean up.

5. Find Your Tribe.

Surround yourself with people that celebrate and appreciate you.

Lauren Napolitano, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist


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