5 minutes to capture the essence of 2010?

The prompt is a little wonky so I'm going to just quote it, so you can see what I'm going to attempt (and fail) to do:

December 15 – 5 Minutes Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010. (Author: Patti Digh)

I'm going to fail because I'm in the midst of my annual December Procrastination Event, which is also known as Putting Pictures Into a Shutterfly Photo Book For Holiday Gifts to Grandparents.

And looking at pictures (and deciding which to put into the book) takes me MUCH longer than 5 mins, no matter how fast I scan.

But I will go look at photos, then come back here and try to brain dump a 5 minute "Year in Review" of 2010 and see where that takes me. (Mind you, the entire time the opening sequence to Eminem's "Lose Yourself" is running through my head. "You only get one shot, one opportunity...")

Kids with daisy Do we want a dog? We have a dog! Her name is Daisy and she's beautiful and poops in the house and damn she's unfixed and went into heat and boy was that messy. Dog likes cheese and hard boiled eggs and makes our friends' boxer look enormous. Aisha had her second baby! We went to Florida for spring break and the weather was so lovely but John got poked in the eye by a rogue fern and we spent part of the vacation in the urgent care clinic and then dealing with the aftermath of a puncture wound in the eye.

My garden looks the best in the spring (when I have the energy to deal with it.) Liam is such a small man. Both kids had fun in the whole-school play/presentation. Liam can still pancake in gymanstics (center splits, laying down on his chest) and the meets are still way too far away. The piano recital was also far away. The amount of driving caused by virtue of having children is exceptional.

Ohmygosh I sent my baby away to sleepaway camp for 2 days. Turns out he's not really a baby anymore. I got a chaise lounge instead of an iPad for Mother's Day. A lovely chaise lounge. I hear I'm getting the matching ottoman for Christmas. Anita's dog is very fun for Daisy to play with. Anastasia played softball, and the best part was watching her get BETTER. Liam ran a mile down the main road in town for a race on Memorial Day, his first race. KC's visit in June was too short. How is she old enough for a 15 year HS reunion anyway?

Summer opened and my beautiful daughter was in a dance recital. I got a new iphone and later in the summer so did John. Facetime is cool. Trip to D.C. again this summer and it was fantastic, the kids and I walked a billion miles in the blazing hot sun but we have the memory now of the White House, WWII, FDR, and Jefferson Memorial Death March. Good times. I really miss Juliana and Todd. John held a hissing cockroach, which is much larger in person than you'd figure. Queen Anne's Lace tried to take over my garden, John's brother got a motorcycle, we celebrated another anniversary (huzzah!) and Liam surprised us with his interest and aptitude for theater. I sometimes can't tell if a picture was of me or my daughter.

We went to Wisconsin and hung out with rednecks, the kids got to see a Brewers game which was ungodly hot, and my sister turned 40 (what?! Who are these old people and what have they done with my young sisters?) Anastasia lost a lot of teeth, Liam started fall ball and suddenly we were back in school again.

Because I'm insane, I started working again a few days after school started up, and Selene started getting quite a bit sicker. I took my first big trip away from family for a writer's workshop and we all survived. Amber had a baby! (Former babysitter. Wait a minute! Maybe *I'm* getting old?!) Liam's baseball games seemed to never end, even though it was very cool to see him in a "normal" sport having a blast. We went to the pumpkin farm like we always do and Selene got worse and Halloween was chilly but sunny and on a Sunday and we went to New York City for the marathon and walked most of a marathon just spectating and got home and Selene was sickest and Selene died. :(

We drove to Kansas City and had great fun with cousins and grandparents and staying up way too late talking and drove back and were glad it wasn't us jacknifed across I-80 and decided to get a new kitty and her name is Hestia and she's awesome.

The holidays are almost upon us and we're all excited about next week with cousins and grandparents (other side this time) and cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. And next year is going to be here in a blink and then we'll be there in 2011 wondering what just happened.


I write on Suburban (In)sanity. I have two kids, two cats, a dog, a husband and a minivan. I live in the suburbs now and try to stay sane. Some days, I succeed.


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