5 Minutes to Find Joy in Everyday Life

We all go through tough times in life and it's during those times that we seek to find joy in everyday situations.   But how can we embrace the simple joys around us on a regular basis?   That's easy... we can do that by incorporating this practice in our daily routine!  

If you take 5 minutes everyday (schedule it if you have to) to do the 3 things I list below, I can gurantee you that you will have a better day, everyday!

1. Write down 3 things your are grateful for.

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Even if you have to do it on scrap paper, grab a pen and think quickly of 3 things that you are grateful to have in your life.   Maybe it's just something simple and materialistic like a reliable car, because this morning on the way into work you saw someone else with a broken down one.   Or maybe it will be something huge like a best friend or having good health.    If you feel stuck or overwhelmed trying to think of 3 things.. ask yourself this question: 

What are 3 things that had a positive impact on my day so far?


What is something that someone I know doesn't have right now, that I do?

2. Smell your favorite fragrance or scent of something comforting.

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Scientific studies have shown that a comforting smell, or a pleasant fragrance can boost your mood and send happy chemicals to your brain.  Keep a magazine sample of your favorite perfume in your handbag and take a whiff of it once every day.   Personally, I love the smell of my pup's fur so when I kiss them goodbye every morning I take a big whiff.  It helps remind me how lucky I am to have them and how much I love them!


3. Give someone a compliment. 

If you are at work, tell the next person that walks by that you like their blouse, their shoes, their handbag, etc.   If you are at home with no one around, log onto a social media site and quickly compliment a photo of a friend.   Why does this help? Because doing something to make someone else feel good (even something as simple as a few words) makes you feel good.  It makes you feel valuable, appreciated, and genuinely good.   Plus, little things like that are contagious and if someone gets a compliment from you, they are more likely to compliment someone else later that day or week.


 There's a lot of ways to live a better life by doing a few simple things everyday.  The things I listed above are just some suggestions, but I hope they inspire you and give you ideas for other ways to find the beauty in your life!




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