5 Money Saving Tips That Will Also Help You Lose Weight in 2011

frugal weight loss

1. Cut out soda- Period. That means diet soda too. Soda offers no nutritional value and is expensive considering it provides you with nothing!

2. Limit (or eliminate) fast food and meals outside of the home - Eating fast food is expensive and terrible for you. Most of the food is full of sugar and fat. Eat as close to the source as possible by choosing healthy fruits, vegetables, beans and grass fed beef.

3. Get Enough Sleep - While this may seem like a silly tip, it is important. Not getting enough sleep causes us to seek ways to stay awake such as eating junk food or drinking energy drinks. If your tired, you are also less likely to work out. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier each night until you are getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night.

4. Utilize public resources - If you can't afford a gym membership or don't want to pay for one, use the public park for walking or jogging. For those cold winter months, borrow exercise dvd's from the library.  Most library's have a large selection of dvd's so this should help you from getting bored doing the same workout!

5. Start a garden - Start reading books about gardening or take a class at your local extension office. Starting a garden provides you with high quality food and pays off all summer long!



Photo Credit: Image: Michelle Meiklejohn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net



Jenny Kerr is the creator of The Jenny Pincher and savings expert for the single girl. Visit The Jenny Pincher to learn more.


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