5 Money Saving Tips to Get the Shoes You Want!

I'm not going to lie; I love the finer things in life. When it comes to a night on the town or purchasing those adorable heels I saw at the store, I'm all over it. That is, until reality sets in. 

Being a post grad 30-something means that I have these awesome little things that come monthly called bills. Since I'm not one to sacrifice on fashion, especially shoes, I realized that I needed to cut back in several areas in my life to be able to buy the shoes I love and still have a place to live. 

So, here are my money saving tips that will help you get the shoes you love!

1. Make coffee at home

I love Starbucks; then again, what girl doesn't? However, paying almost $5 a day can hurt your wallet in more ways than one. I decided to ditch my coffee outings and opted to get my morning java fix at home. Staying true to my Starbucks habit, I opted to purchase their Veranda Blonde Roast for my coffee maker at home. It rings in at $11.95 and one 12-ounce bag lasts me for 2 weeks. I went from paying almost $140 are month to $25 - not too shabby!

2. Cut the cable/ satellite chord

Let's face it; that cable package you're paying for monthly can be a cash guzzler. Try canceling your subscription and purchasing an Apple TV instead. It's a one-time purchase and it's super easy to use. You can play music as well as use your Hulu account. You can save $80 a month by making the switch which, again, can be added to your ever-growing shoe fund!

3. Pack a lunch for work

I’m not the most efficient morning person or planner for that matter, so buying lunch on my break at work was a convenient way for me to catch up on a few zzz’s - that is, until I realized how much it was costing me! Once I crunched the numbers and figured out how many pairs of adorable shoes could have been in my closet instead, I quickly made a change. Now, instead of waiting to the last minute, I pack my lunch the night before. That way, I still can get enough sleep and I’m saving money in the process. It’s also healthier for me, which is an added perk.

4. Look for online nnsurance

Paying for insurance can get pretty pricey. If you are going the traditional route with car insurance, it can be unnecessarily expensive! If you have a great driving record, you might not be getting the best deal you could get. After checking around, I found out that there were plenty of online providers that offered much better rates. Ultimately, after realizing that most of them offered relatively similar rates, I thought that the best idea was to go with an auto insurance provider that actually laid out what you would get in an easy-to-comprehend manner. Sure, saving money on monthly premiums is good - that is, until you find out your premiums are not going towards what you need and you are stuck with huge repair bills!

5. Host dinner parties 

Going out is expensive and can shrink your funds instantly. Between paying for dinner and then heading to a bar that offers insanely high priced drinks, you’re paying highway robbery prices. Instead of heading out for a night on the town, call up your girls and have them come over for a fun girls' night. Each girl can contribute something to make up a complete meal. You can pop in a movie, gossip about the latest happenings, or play some cool games. Not only is it a definite fun time, but you also save tons of cash while still having fun!

After making a few minor changes in my spending, I realized that there were many areas in my life that were costing me way too much. You can get more savings based on what I've been through! Just by simply making coffee at home, getting rid of cable, switching to online insurance, making lunches, and hosting dinner parties, you can save so much money.

I even started putting a bit of my savings away for a rainy day fund. Now, I don’t feel guilty whenever I want to splurge on a cute pair of shoes, because I’m saving money in other areas.

A girl can’t live without her shoes. By using these cost saving techniques, you won’t have to, either!

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