5 (More) Knitting Tips for Beginners

Looks like it’s time for another of these posts. I’ve been knitting since October and I’m having a lot of success with it. I’ve learned a lot since my last 5 Knitting Tips for Beginners post, but I still have a lot to learn (like switching colors–still not there yet. It’s on the list of things to do as soon as I finish this afghan I’m working on).

Knitting can be frustrating, though! Especially when you’re starting out. So here are five tips that will hopefully help get you through your first project.

(If you want more tips, see Basic Knitting Supplies for BeginnersEasy Knitting Patterns to Help You Learn, and Knitting Conversion Chart Printable.)

5 (More) Knitting Tips for Beginners // Budget Girl --- Learning to knit can be hard and frustrating. Here are five (more) tips to keep you sane and moving along. #knitting #tips

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1. Don’t judge your work until you have at least 5 rows.

Preferably you’ll wait until 10. Especially if this is your first project. I still have to remind myself of this one, though. I’ll look at the first two rows that I knitted and they look awful. They’re loose, they’re uneven, and it looks like I dropped a few stitches (even though the count is right). Stop looking at it. It’s going to look like that until you get a few rows in. Creating more rows will force the previous rows to “toughen up.” They’ll even out and everything will look OK.



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