5 Most Interesting Trends at the 2013 Winter Fancy Food Show

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By the time food trends like cupcakes and bacon-flavored everything reach supermarket shelves, they've already been around a while. A surprising number of them are born each year at the Fancy Food Show, where the world’s food purveyors -- big and small, artisan and mainstream -- come to show off their newest creations.

This year's 38th annual show was bigger than ever: 1,300 exhibitors and 18,000 attendees came to San Francisco's Moscone Center to spot food trends. And so did I: Here are five really fascinating peeks into the possible future of food.

1. Strange things are going on with tea.

2013 teas

This year, I saw a focus on teas with added benefits -- like probiotics and herbs that add to your workout routine (think Vitamin Water, but with brewed tea). But the weirdest of all was a line of savory teas, with flavors like beet cabbage, broccoli cilantro, and spinach chive. Described as "not quite a soup and more than a tea," it seemed to have an identity crisis built right in. But once I tried it, I (surprisingly) didn't hate it.

NEXT TREND: Hemp is hip


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