5 Must Haves For The Frequent Business Flyer

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Business travel by plane can be nerve-wracking enough while in-flight, but the real scares lie before you even pre-board the aircraft. A million little fears and questions dance through our heads. Did I remember my phone charger? Should I check-in early or wait? What time should I leave to get to the airport to beat the traffic and baggage check rush? And the absolute worst one of all – what if the plane takes off and I forgot something important at home???

Kick the anxiety before flying to the curb by making a list and prepping your bag to go a few nights in advance. No matter where your destination is, be sure that the following five items are stowed in your carry on!

1)   iPhone

GoGo WiFi is available on most planes for only $7.95 and worth every penny to buy when on a long flight. If you’re taking a shorter trip, a good eBook will do instead. It gives your brain a little time to rest and get caught up on your reading.

2) Earphones

Whether it’s with your iPod or iPhone, get good music piped in with a pair of earphones on hand. Many airports also sell headphones for only a few dollars in case you forgot a pair for your tunes!

3) Notebook

Get prepped for when you arrive early by jotting down your to-do list.  See a long flight as an opportunitiy to better focus and plan ahead with extra time under your belt.

4) Frequent Travelers Pass

Fly here often? Get a pass to earn points for a free flight and other rewards and skip through the longer screening lines.

5) Snacks

Treat yourself to a Starbucks coffee before boarding, but pack some healthy alternatives like dried fruit and energy bars in your carry-on for an extra boost of oomph before arriving to your destination!

5 Must-Haves for Business Travel

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