5 Myths About Girls With ADHD

I ran across this article about the biggest myths about girls with ADHD. 


The article only lists 3 myths though, so I added two more. Here they are:

1. MYTH: Boys get ADHD more.

TRUTH: It affects both genders at about the same rate. The reality is that boys tend to have more obvious symptoms - like hyperactivity and impulsivity - so parents and teachers notice more.

2. MYTH: Girls only get the inattentive type of ADHD.

TRUTH: One explanation for girls showing less hyperactivity may be that they've been taught that girls shouldn't be disruptive. (NOTE: I'm not saying I agree with this. It makes it sound like girls can control hyperactivity.)

3. MYTH: Boys have ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) more.

TRUTH: According to Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D. and author of several books on ADHD, the rate is the same whether boy or girl and there's a 50% rate of co-occurrence between ADHD and ODD.

4. MYTH: Stimulant meds only work on hyperactivity. 

TRUTH: I'm not an advocate of stimulant meds, but understand that it may be the best solution for a few kids. In this article it says that stimulants can help with distractibility and inattention too.

5. MYTH: There is no cure for ADHD.

TRUTH: ADD/ADHD is about weak attention skills. One-on-one intensive cognitive skills training with a focus on attention skills can strengthen the skills enough in as little as 8 weeks to get many kids off stimulant meds for good!




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