The 5 Places to Share Your Posts

We all know that getting a post written and posted on your blog each day is half the battle, but what happens after it's up there for all the world to see?  How do you make sure that all the world does see it?  Today, I've got six places that you can start each day with sharing your posts to make sure as many people as possible see them.


1 // Twitter 
As soon as I finish writing a post, Twitter is my first stop for sharing it with the blogging community.  I've found that Twitter is my fastest growing social media network, and posting a link to my most recent blog on there allows me the opportunity to reach hundreds of potential readers, beyond just my followers. 

The trick with this is to post several times a day.  Simply adding the link to your blog first thing in the morning will probably only reach a few people; if you share the same link throughout the day though, you're going to have a lot more click throughs.  I love Hootsuite for this, because it allows me to schedule an entire day's post in the morning, so that I don't have to worry about it.

2// Pinterest
This is far and away my biggest social media hit for clicks to my blog. 

via Google Analytics

The one thing to remember with Pinterest though, is that not every post is pinnable (did I make that word up? Probably...).  A general rule of thumb is that DIY, tips of any sort, recipes, and photography are the posts you should share on Pinterest.  While other posts are great, and definitely worth writing, they're simply not the type to share on Pinterest.

My best tip on using Pinterest is to join blogging communities, like the board Helene in Between created for the community to share pins related to blogging. This expands to number of people seeing your pins, and it's a great way to find new blogs and helpful posts! Win-win, right?

3 // BlogHer
Every time I write a post on She is Fierce, I then write the same post on my BlogHer blog.  It may not bring eyes to She is Fierce, but it does put eyes on my writing, and fosters community.

4 // Facebook
Facebook can be difficult to figure out, especially with new algorithms that make it more difficult to ensure people see your content.  A couple helpful hints that I've picked up, though: a) personally share each post (i.e.: not Hootsuite or Buffer) because the algorithms Facebook uses to determine which posts get shared most don't award pre-scheduled posts. And b) make Facebook posts interaction friendly.  Leave a question for your readers to respond to, to help build community and encourage people to click on your links.

5 // Google+
This is the one I struggle with the most, because I simply don't fully understand it.  For now, I use it the same way I use Facebook - I pose questions with many of my links, so that people are encouraged to respond.  If you have suggestions on how best to use Google+, I'd love to hear them!


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