5 Planning Tasks to Be More Productive With Your Marketing

Start the year reviewing and planning marketing tasks, in order to improve your productivity and results from your social media and online marketing efforts.

  1. Undertake a digital declutter. 
    Review your email subscriptions and unsubscribe from the content you don’t read. Review your social networks and clean up LinkedIn Groups, connections, Facebook Pages you like or Twitter accounts you follow.
  2. Review your current clients – where did they come from? 
    What marketing is bringing in your leads and new clients?  Is it social media, your website, face to face networking?  Then plan out the coming year of marketing and relationship building activities.
  3. Review your digital assets – which platforms are working for you in terms of engagement?  Knowing where your network are will help you determine which platforms are worth focusing on.  Look at your platform analytics such as Facebook Page Insights.  Determine what to measure on a regular basis.  This doesn’t have to be a formal process and may be as simple as a glance over the numbers for the week / month.
  4. Review your email list opt-in.  How are you building your data base, your list?  Do you have an incentive such as some valuable content, a free ebook, ecourse, video series, check list or report.  I use a free marketing workbook as my opt-in which I talk about on social media where relevant, share via my website and Facebook Page.  You could add a link on print marketing such as business cards or flyers too.  If you are unsure you’re your network would find valuable, ask them.  With the right freebie and right set up and strategy, you will build a list of people interested in what you have to offer.  Make the freebie related to your core business so that you attract people who are actually interested in your services.  Need help, just ask.
  5. Plan your content. Start with topics or themes, then create some compelling headlines under each topic for blog posts.  There are many effective types  of headlines such as How to headlines, get some examples here: Headline Hacks.  You could plan months or even the whole year and slot the headline into a content calendar.    Then all you need to do is schedule time to write the content.  If you plan to publish weekly blog posts, you could write a month’s worth of content in one afternoon each month, then schedule the blog post.  Of course if things crop up that are timely, you can always move evergreen content.  Next plan your content marketing plan, such as  how often to share such updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and schedule updates after content creation.

Pick one to get started and take time over the next few weeks to work through the most relevant to you now.

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