5 Bloopers that Might (I Hope) Happen During 'The Sound of Music'

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I admit it, I'm intrigued about what will go down during the live performance of The Sound of Music to be televised on NBC tonight. Some purists are tweaked about the beloved material being sausaged through a weird remake featuring the, shall we say "enigmatic," casting of Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer. I'm not a devotee of the musical, so I don't have a nanny goat in that fight. I am, however, a fan of live television with its inherent unpredictability, so I'll be tuning in tonight.

Sound of Music
Image: NBC

Okay, I really admit what I need to confess: I'll be watching the livecast specifically because of the dark side of that unpredictability. I'm hoping things go wrong, and that we get to see that wrongness live. Wrong would be so wonderfully alive and we could all share the experience in real time via social media, and those are a few of my favorite things. (Well, all of us except people on the West Coast who will get a tape delay airing. That is NOT one of my favorite things.)

Carrie has been Tweeting about possible bloopers, so maybe she knows that some of us are craving a live action blooper reel.

Don't tease me, Carrie. And more importantly, don't rehearse so hard you kill the opportunity for mistakes. We all know that the cracks in the jar are where the art lies. And also the audience schadenfreude. And the funny memes that will circulate all week after your flubs. Go big blooper or go home, Von Trapps!

Here are some possible mistakes that I'm secretly hoping to Do Re Mi see during The Sound of Music:

1. Jimmy Fallon sneeks the King of Live TV, Kayne West, on set. Anything involving Kanye's motorcycle, a statement about George Bush or proclamations of Beyonce as the best Maria would be perfect.

2. Stephen Moyer pops his fangs and channels Bill Compton when he sees Maria's braids.

3. The Captain is all "You can't marry someone when you're in love with someone else, can you?" and we all swoon, and he leans in for the kiss, and Maria's like:

4.  Any actor, two words: Wardrobe. Malfunction.

5. "Line!"

Seriously, I'm sure all will go smoothly. These are pros we're talking about, and NBC has live television down pat. We'll probably have to go back to local news for our fix of live action bloopers, because it's not like Carrie Underwood is going to get into an altercation with a whiskered kitten or anything like this reporter did.

Though she did Tweet about a bat fight.

Though knowing her she probably meant this kind of bat.

I'm guessing it's all under control. We'll see tonight. And maybe, just maybe talk about it on Twitter.


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