5 Products to Ease Your Back & Neck Pain

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Rock Chalk & Rock Sauce

Rock Tape

Rock Sauce, $20 & Rock Tape, $20

When I saw the Rock Chalk and Rock Sauce, I knew I would send it to BlogHer's resident marathoner, Jenna Hatfield. She said, "I sustained a back injury in 2010. Since a procedure helped heal me from my pain in 2012, I remain careful with my back--but active. I run to stay physically active and healthy.

"But on a cross-country flight during which I forgot to take some pain medicine before the flight took off, I landed in a lot of pain.

"I first used Rock Sauce and thought, 'This doesn't feel any different than any other topical treatment.' Then the ROCK part kicked in, my back 'caught on fire,' and cooled off a few minutes later. It really worked in helping get my back muscles to loosen up and calm down.

"The following week, still a bit tender, I used the RockTape on my lower back for my week of half marathon training. Due to a busy schedule, I was running back to back to back to back, 4 miles, 4 miles, 4 miles, 6 miles. I left the RockTape on for four days (it's water- and sweat-proof) and never felt a twinge of pain in my back. I'm sold. So is my husband: He just ordered some to tape his Achilles and calves.

"Tip: Take the RockTape off when you're sweaty."

Here's a video about how to use Rock Tape for lower back pain.


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