5 Qualities Every Great Mompreneur Possesses

With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching on Sunday May 11th, I thought I’d dedicate this post to the mompreneurs of the world. Being a mompreneur (mom + entrepreneur) is an incredible and rewarding experience, but by no means is it easy work! Maintaining the balance between work life and personal life is a daily struggle and one that absolutely nobody in this role can claim they don’t have to face either. As a fellow mompreneur myself, I know firsthand that running a business and raising a family definitely has its moments of resembling a circus act but it can also be juggled, and well, if you possess the following qualities.

1) Unconditional Love

Your business is your baby and your children are also your babies so naturally, you’re going to feel nothing but complete and total love for them both. From the early days of birth and starting up alike, you’re going to be on a journey teaching them how to grow, learn, and succeed in life.

2) Patience

Nothing ever happens overnight, even if all you want is to quickly bypass the terrible twos or suddenly have 100,000 customers on your company mailing list. Mompreneurs know this and recognize that with plenty of patience, all good things come with time and plenty of care.

3) Resolve

There will be many days where the challenges facing you will be so difficult and overwhelming you’ll feel compelled to throw in the towel and give up. Don’t do it. Stay steadfast to both the growth of your business and to your family and believe that no matter what happens next, you’ll get through it with strength and determination.

4) Support

Mompreneurs aren’t just listening to their kids discuss their day at school or their spouses recapping their own work days. They’re also there for their employees and know how to help them accommodate schedules that are always likely to change at a moment’s notice.

5) Thinking Before You Act

For mompreneurs, this can range to anything from raising your voice too suddenly to your children to signing a document too quickly before reading the fine print at work. Always remember to take a moment, breathe, and then think before you act no matter what!