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As we head into December, jump onto the Egg Nog Circuit and being the slide towards 2013, I reached out to my network of entrepreneneurs, innovators and founders to ask them 5 questions, reflecting on what they have achieved or discovered in 2012, as well as what is ahead and on their wishlist. 

This is the first of 5 posts, starting with the question:

What was your "Yes! moment of 2012: (outcome, accomplishment, achievement in the past year)"?

Getting fired and starting a business that I love. . – Ebony Rentas, CEO and Founder, The Women's Age @TheWomensAge

Being accepted into the BBCLabs programme in the Uk and having the glimmer of hope we might make a show! - Melissa Clark-Reynolds, www.minimonos.com Alpha Monkey & CEO @maximonos

Working on my own idea, and having a few mentions on Forbes.com- Jaclyn Siu, Founder, Wearhou.se @jaclynsiu | @wearhouse

Many! Successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, appearances on CNBC and Fox news, and exponential growth. – Carrie Hammer, Founder http://www.carriehammer.com/ @carrierhammer

Do more to bridge the 'Digital Divide' by continuing my work with various non profits and teaching mobile ideation sessions.  - Sian Morson - Founder/CEO, Kollective Mobile @kollectivemobil

Being invited to breakfast by designer, Kay Unger to chat about DID. She is one of the most inspiring, dedicated, and passionate women I know. - Jennifer Markas, Founder, Damsels in Design @damselsindesign

Every moment that I realize I'm still working on what I'm passionate about. I'm super grateful to have such wonderful people in my life to support me in this startup life. (You would never know I'm Irish from that statement). - Ellen Dudley, Founder peoplehunt.me @meetforeal

Having created, funded, developed and grown an innovative fashion styling and social networking platform - this puts us in a great position with 2013 and to adjust our business plan to reflect the interests and wishes of the BFF community, as we are deciding how to best open the platform to designers, retailers, brands and content providers (OK - I know it sounds like self-promotion, but it has been a long Yes!! to us @BFF). – Ricardo Cuervo, Founder, Best Fashion Friend @BFFapp

Selling NabeWise. Working with my husband on a startup and making both sides of the equation actually work...that's a startup within a startup. Taking a trip on my own (NZ/AU) and LOVING IT! – Diana Sonis, Founder, BuzzTarget @DianaSonis

To see #SocialEra get recognized as a Fast Company book of the year. This is the same book that many influential people all said didn't need to be…a sign to me (and hopefully to others) to pursue the idea that won't let you go, not the most popular idea. Honestly, we need to chase our passions without regard of what other people think. – Nilofer Merchant, The Jane Bond of Innovation, @nilofer

Series B / C of TOTSY ($30M+ raised), Revenue doubled. - Guillaume Gauthereau, Founder, SequoiaLab.com Totsy.com @ggauthereau

We raised our first round of capital and are in the marketplace. – Caroline Van Sickle, Founder, Pretty in My Pocket @prettyinmypoc 

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