5 Reasons Why I Chose Home Birth

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4. I wanted to birth my baby safely. -- Like the interventions that can happen during labor, there are interventions that can happen while the baby is being born. Vacuum suctioning and the use of forceps are more common in hospital births than in home births. They rarely happen during home births due to the fact that mothers are usually epidural-free and can easily move around on their own as opposed to being bed-ridden (which causes more work for mom and baby and can lead to exhaustion and dropping heart rates), and mothers birthing at home are much more likely to be in birthing positions that utilize the force of gravity and help bring the baby down.

5. I wanted my baby to have a peaceful beginning. -- What I loved about my home births was that I was handed my babies immediately after they were born. While holding my baby, the midwife was able to check their heart tones and clear anything out of the nose and mouth without having to take them from me. And then Luis and I were left alone for a little while to just be with our baby and bond as a new family. Later, my midwife came back in and gently performed the newborn screen and measurements. Babies don't have to scream through those. Babies can be calm, warm, and possess a feeling of security because they know where their mother is and are being handled gently.

Home birth, from the beginning of pregnancy to the day the baby was born, was a very peaceful and respectful experience for me. I loved having my midwife as my guide while maintaining the experience as my own.

Home Birth
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If you would like more information on home birth, I would recommend starting with the following resources:

And if you live in the Phoenix area and are in search of an amazing midwife, I highly recommend LifeSpring Midwifery.

“Childbirth is an experience in a woman’s life that holds the power to transform her forever. Passing through these powerful gates -- in her own way -- remembering all the generations of women who walk with her… She is never alone.” —Suzanne Arms



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