5 Reasons Why I Love Unplugging

As many of you know, I experienced a three-day Media Fast this past weekend while I attended a music festival and camped in the beautiful outdoors. My goal was to be able to let go of all the “noisy” distractions that we deal with on a day-to-day basis. I was sick of all the magazine ads I was exposed just from reading a fitness magazine, showing me what I was “supposed” to look like. I was sick of hearing Facebook friends complaining about their spouses and their lives, without actually being grateful for what they do have. I was sick of seeing half-naked females on Pinterest, objectifying their bodies, in turn causing other people to hate their own body because it doesn’t look like that airbrushed photo. I just had to step back and get away from it all.

And oh, I so did. I want to tell you about my experience for 3 days away from TV, magazines, internet (facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, etc), and radio. It was a wonderful experience, and honestly, a large part of me would have liked to have taken a whole week, but that isn’t always very realistic for most people.

5 Reasons Why I Love Unplugging. Reasons why it's important to step back and let go from all our worldly possessions every so often so we can truly enjoy life and all we have. // Happy Food Healthy Life

I get to truly experience life.
There were no real distractions. While listening to the wonderful live music at this music festival, I was truly able to hear the melody and take in the meaning of the lyrics. There were so many people texting, browsing on their phone, and acting obnoxious. Sure, the background music to your texting must be lovely, but think about how much you would get out of it if you really focused on what the artist was telling you. And this applies to all you do in life. You get to truly be present. Watching your kids’ sports games. Going to a party with your friends.

I’m not distracted by all the “extras.”
Reading magazines can be great. There are some wonderful articles packed with information for you. But they’re just cluttered with the ads! And as much as we try to flip over them, we do manage to get a glimpse every so often. And no matter what type of magazine you’re reading, there’s bound to be ads for products that will make you look better, skinnier, younger, or glowy-er. They clutter your mind and start to take away from the information you sat down to read about in the first place, that had absolutely nothing to do with any of those things. The internet is the same way. There are ads and popups everywhere distracting you from what you originally got on the internet to do. Believe me, I understand the need and reason for ads, but sometimes, you’ve just got to get away from them and enjoy a life without interjecting outside opinions about how you SHOULD look and what product would help you look that way.

I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone.
You know what I think about people who have to Social Media EVERYTHING they do? I think there are many people (not all) who are trying to prove something to the world. “Look at all these fun things I’m doing! Aren’t you jealous of my fun life with all my fun friends?!” I’m sorry, but there are many people who don’t actually enjoy the FUN thing they’re doing because they’re only worried about updating their status about the fun they’re having and making sure they get the right picture taken to upload to instagram so people can see that fun they’re having. They’re trying to prove something. I’m sorry, but no one cares. While you’re trying to get the best picture to upload, I’m jumping up and down in the front row of this concert taking it all in and screaming with the crowd! It doesn’t get much better than that!

The important people in my life appreciate it.
As a blogger, you can imagine that much of my time is spent behind a computer, smart phone, or tablet. I’m sure you can also imagine that this is not my partner’s or son’s favorite thing of all time. They would much rather have me playing games with them, hanging out with them, chatting with them, etc. Unplugging was so wonderful for this aspect. My wife and I got some amazing time together that is just so important to a marriage. And I could truly see her appreciation for my undivided attention this weekend. It was something so simple that I did, yet it had a huge impact to one of the most important person in my life. That’s something that you just can’t replace.

5 Reasons Why I Love Unplugging. Reasons why it's important to step back and let go from all our worldly possessions every so often so we can truly enjoy life and all we have. // Happy Food Healthy Life

I get to focus on the people I love the most.
Not only will your family members and friends appreciate the time you are dedicating to them, but you will reciprocate that feeling. You will get to remind yourself what it’s like to spend time with these wonderful people in your life without all the extra stuff. You’ll get to love them without distraction. Have meaningful conversations without interruptions. Enjoying the lyrics of music is one of my favorite things to do with my wife. Music is where we really come together and bond. Getting that tingly feeling from powerful lyrics is a thousand times better when you know someone right next to you is feeling those same tingles. Pretty cool stuff, and I couldn’t have experienced it this weekend if I hadn’t chosen to unplug.

I will absolutely be unplugging more often. Maybe a few times a year. It’s just so important to clear our minds and our souls and really focus on what is important. I know, we live in a world where we feel the need to multi-task. We don’t want to miss anything. We want to get everything done at once. Believe me, I get that more than anyone. But step back every so often and set your priorities straight. Instagram can wait. Your friends don’t need to know what you’re doing at every second of every day.

Let go. Even just every so often.

5 Reasons Why I Love Unplugging. Reasons why it's important to step back and let go from all our worldly possessions every so often so we can truly enjoy life and all we have. // Happy Food Healthy Life




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