5 reasons for why the Kindle isn't that bad

We have fully entered the digital era; we use technology for everything. But in recent years, a new phenomenon has taking the book industry by storm: E-readers. I’m sure that like me, you were adamant that ‘E-readers’ were a sham and that the idea would blow over after a year. And yet, kindles and other electronic devices are still booming, over a year after their release, much longer than my early predictions. This article will explore the advantages to electronic devices like the Kindle, a more than year after their release into the commercial scene.


1)      Their portability

There has come a time where all of us avid-book readers have had to make a very important choice when packing; how many books can I squeeze in the suitcase? With airports cracking down increasingly on the weight of our luggage, our books have moved further down on our priority list of things to bring when going on holiday. But not anymore! Hundreds of books can all be accessed at the hands of a small, slim electronic device.


2)      The price

The cost of Kindle-edition books can be less than 50% of the original paperback copy, which means more books for your money. In current times, we all love a good opportunity to do some money-pinching here and there and now our supply of books will no longer have to dwindle!


3)      New authors

The kindle store provides a great platform for new authors who may not have had a chance with a publishing firm due to the large volume of applications that they receive. Low marketing costs also means that more people have a fair chance of getting recognition, deep-pocketed or not.


4)      Late night reading

Most people have been in a situation where the lights are going to have to go out, especially if the husband wants to sleep. Amazon has catered to that with a frontlight for late night reading that won’t do as much damage to your eyes as the normal backlight. The different technology that the kindle uses also means that the battery can last for weeks not hours, so no need to bring those extra chargers!


5)      The planet

The subject of global warming and dwindling resources has been circulating for years now and we’ve all been told that we should try and do our bit to help. Now we can! Using a kindle means that paper is saved, less paper means less CO2 emissions during its production and thus a happy atmosphere. Maybe our great-great-great grandchildren do still stand a chance!


So here are 5 reasons why a Kindle isn’t as bad as you may think. Yes, hardbacks are traditional; yes, we love the feel of the paper as we turn the pages but there are so many advantages to getting a kindle, who could resist?

Links to the kindle for you

Kindle - Cheapest kindle at £69.99 comes with built-in Wi-Fi

Kindle paperwhite - £109 and has Wi-Fi and a frontlight for late night reading.

Kindle paperwhite 3G - £169 with free 3G and frontlight.

or why not try the kindle's that act as serious contenders for the iPad?

Kindle Fire HD 7" - £119

Kindle Fire HDX 7" - £199

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" - £329, bigger screen, more features



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