5 Sex Positions To Keep Things Spicy


Saddle Up


Riding during sex is one of the most coveted skills of the sexually active, and this position makes it easier for the inexperienced to get into a good rhythm. "Saddle Up" is a variation of the cowgirl position where both partners are levitated a few inches above the bed. The male partner will need to have quads of steel and great upper body strength to be able to support his weight and the weight of his partner while in this position. With his arms extended behind him, palms face down on the bed and his feet flat on the bed, the male partner will position himself in "crab position" with his pelvis lifted towards the ceiling. The female partner straddles the male partner while facing frontwards and places her feet flat on the surface of the bed while holding onto the shoulders of her partner for support. Through bouncing, rolling and girding of the hips, both partners can get into a good rhythm that will make the riding experience enjoyable! Deep penetration, clitoral stimulation and eye contact are great benefits of this position.


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