5 Sex Positions To Keep Things Spicy


Cliff Hanger


This sex position will have you on edge...LITERALLY!  The "Cliff Hanger" is performed on the edge of the bed (or couch) with both partner's facing each other while the female partner hangs on to her partner for dear life! The challenge in  this position is staying connected by the genitals in order to prevent the female partner from falling off the edge of the bed. The male partner sits a few inches away from the edge of the bed with is feet flat on the floor (if the bed isn't high off the ground) while the female partner faces her partner and sits on top of him with her legs wrapped around his hips (or her feet flat on the bed) as she holds hands with him to support her weight. The face to face contact creates intimacy while the thrill of hanging on the edge generates a new sense excitement during the sexual experience. Angled sex is also possible in this position if the female partner pulls her upper body away from her partner slightly.

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*All images courtesy of  Atris Everson for Glamerotica101.com*


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