The 5 Signs of a Bad Leader

2.  Their sponsors retire or leave the company thus rendering them powerless.  Usually they will follow suit.

3.  They are escorted out or one day you hear about them “electing to leave”.

4.  They are put in a role where they can’t harm anyone or anything.  These situations used to baffle me, but it’s often this happens with some when the risk is too high to do anything else.

5.  You might decide to leave.  That’s perfectly within your right and an option.

Just remember though, there are plenty of duds in this world.  Some people never learn, however some do learn, grow and get better.    Sometimes too, the best learning is having experienced it.  Some of my best assignments and growth spurts were due to how I coped with bad leadership.

Tell me, have you ever encountered these signs?  Any pitfalls?  How did you cope?  

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