5 Simple Things You Can Do Every Day To Brighten Other People’s Day -- And Your Own

The word contagious usually terrifies me.  But contagious, positive energy doesn’t scare me at all.


I am thankful for all positive energy that comes my way on any given day. A simple smile from a stranger has brightened even my most cloudy days.  It’s that simple. J


Here are 5 simple ways to feel great and brighten someone else’s day


1.   Smile- Make eye-contact and smile with the people you see every day. We all walk down our work hallways like zombies because our weekdays become so predictable. Sometimes we acknowledge the people we see, and sometimes we don’t.. But looking at them straight in the eye and giving them one enormous smile will make them smile, too. Try it!


2.   Compliments- I compliment people all day long.  (And I mean every single compliment that comes out of my mouth). It is my way of acknowledging all the beauty around me. Some people were blessed with beautiful skin, great hair, incredible fashion sense, amazing posture or beautiful teeth. Whatever it is, it stands out and adds color to the world we live in.This brightens their day because they feel seen, and it brightens yours because you get to share what you liked about someone else.


3.   Focus on the Positive- Before you notice the bad, try to notice the good first.  You can write a long list of how everyone is failing to reach your standards, but if you focus on the good as well, people will be more open to listening to you. 


4.   Play relaxing music-Sometimes we all get caught up running around at work, in a car, etc. But slow down all the madness and put on music that relaxes those around you. 


5.   A Random Act of Kindness-If you walk to Starbucks and you know your colleague loves something there, get it for them. Whatever it is, make them feel special.



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