5 Simple Ways to Make Sex a Priority

Life is busy. If you don’t prioritize sex, life will bump it way down on the list. Here are some simple ways to make sex a priority.

Get the TV out of the bedroom!

Intimacy and TV do not go together (short of watching erotic films together occasionally). If you value your relationship, keep sex a priority and move the TV to another room. Even if you are scared to death to try this—do it for 2 weeks and see how it goes!

Or: Cover the box up with a beautiful blanket and pretend it isn’t there. If you are highly TV addicted, try a joint custody arrangement. One week, the TV works in the bedroom, one week it is “broken.”

Don’t rely only on waiting to have sex as the last thing at night.

This is the single biggest thing you can do to infuse better sex into your life! If you wait until you are exhausted it takes both partners longer to become aroused; erections and orgasms can become difficult to find. Sleep ends up seeming more fun and fulfilling than sex.

Instead, make sure you find ways to have sex during the day time or early evening. You CAN do this and you need to!

One of the reasons sexual affairs are so novel and fun for people is that they often occur in the middle of the day. Have a fling with your spouse, using the same planning and fun approach you would if it was a new relationship at least once a month.

Schedule a “doctor’s appointment” once a quarter.

Miss work now and then to have a tryst with your spouse. Sneak off to the garage while the kids are cleaning their room on Saturday morning. Take a shower together while kids are doing homework. Rent a hotel at 5 p.m. near your work.

Book a hotel for naughty nookie to spice up your sex life

Even if you have to pay for the room for the night, a good hour of wild afternoon sex will make you feel pampered and naughty. Trust me—it’s well worth it. You won’t believe the pay off on the romance scale of these “naughty” nookie sessions.

Have sex before you go out to dinner.

On some of your date nights, switch things up: make love BEFORE dinner. We routinely do this as we have gotten older. Libido can tank on a full stomach and after a few glasses of wine. DH and I prefer making love and THEN going out – this allows us to have dinner in the “afterglow” and not have to worry about “being too tired” or having too much to drink to get to it later.

Disconnect the telephone line.

Unplug answering machines, turn off phones…make sure distractions don’t interrupt you. Nothing can tank intimacy like hearing your Mom’s voice during foreplay or receiving a steady stream of text pings! Work and family can wait—remember this is all about prioritizing love making, and only you can cause a wildfire in your bedroom!

Looking for more ways improve your sex life or keep the passion in a long-term relationships? Check out 6 Sex Tips for the Sexually Committed.

- Dr. E

Science can help us nurture and enjoy our sexual selves. 


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